Types of Coverage

Types of Coverage

We provide the very best in protection and coverage available to you and your loved ones. As a licensed independent insurance agency, we hand select the coverage that best fits your needs. We carefully and thoroughly compare policies and insurance providers to protect the people and property that is important to you in a way that fits into your current financial situation, and helps you plan for the future.

Here is a list of the types of policies that we provide to our customers:

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Personal Auto
Accidents can happen to any driver. But every driver is different when it comes to their insurance needs. Contact us today so we can evaluate your current coverage and make recommendations suited to you.

If you own your home, it is most likely your most valuable asset and largest investment. We offer Homeowners insurance options to protect against the damage that comes from occurrences like Storms, Wind, Hail, Fire, Lightning, Vandalism and Theft.

Many renters are unaware that a landlord’s insurance policy does not cover their own personal property in cases of disaster or theft. To help protect you, and your valuables, we offer a variety of renter’s insurance options.

For additional liability coverage to protect you and your assets over and above your Home and Auto policy limit of liability, we offer Umbrella or Excess Liability policies.  

Your business has its own unique needs especially when it comes to insurance coverage. As a business owner, you need to protect the Building, Business Property, Business Liability and your employees with Workers Compensation coverage. Whether you provide products or services, we have the right Business Insurance coverage to fit your professional needs.

Having the proper life insurance policy is one way you can be confident that your loved ones would be protected following an unforeseen tragedy.  We can help you understand the different types of policies that are available, and which ones are the best fit for your individual situation.

Annuities are a sure way to prepare for retirement and guarantee future income. This type of investment can come in many shapes and sizes. Let us help you determine the right plan for you and your future.

The Disability Insurance offered by your employer is not the only coverage that is available to you, and it may not be the best coverage for your specific situation. We can help you sort through the different kinds of Disability Insurance and find out which type does the best job of protecting you.

Long Term Care
There may be a point when Short term coverage is not enough. We can help you be prepared if you or your loved one is in need of Long Term Health Care.  

Identity Theft
In today’s world, much of your identity and reputation lives online. We can help you protect yourself from the dangers of Identity Theft.